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The successful Luv’n Liv’n Coach must be willing to give his or her knowledge, their time, and their heart!

We need your Heart

You are about to embark upon a very special journey. As you become instrumental in changing the lives of seniors in your area, your life will be changed. As your outreach of love expands beyond the reaches of those facilities wherein you train, so your heart will overflow with gratitude that you have been selected to serve such a valuable and appreciative group of people. The successful Luv’n Liv’n Coach must be willing to give their knowledge, their time and their heart.

We need your help

Luv’n Liv’n Coaches must meet the following requirements:

1. ALL LUV’N LIV’N COACHES must have been certified by an approved national certifying board as Certified Personal Trainers.

2. ALL LUV’N LIV’N COACHES must have completed the application process which includes the application, a brief written summary explaining the applicant’s interest in becoming a Luv’n Liv’n Coach, and a telephone interview.

3. ALL LUV’N LIV’N COACHES must have successfully complete the Luv’n Liv’n Senior Fitness Course Guide.

4. ALL LUV’N LIV’N COACHES must understand the intent of each movement, as it applies to senior fitness, and must submit a qualifying audition video of their successful leadership.

5. Upon the completion and acceptance of the above requirements, payment for the 2-year Luv’n Liv’n Certification, and the signing of the Luv’n Liv’n Business Agreement, the applicant will be recognized as a fully certified Luv’n Liv’n Coach with all its rights and privileges.

6. During the first 2-years each Coach will secure a Senior Fitness Certification and/or Corrective Exercise Certification through the NASM. (Discount through Luv’n Liv’n will apply)

7. A Luv’n Liv’n Certification is a two year certification. The original cost is $385. Each subsequent 2-year period of time will be $150. This cost will be waved based upon approved continued education and CEU’s. Approved Coaches will pay $50 per quarter for access to tools and personalized communications with Luv’n Liv’n Executives.

We are awaiting your application