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Meet our Founder, LAURIE De Seguirant​

The heart that overcomes no adversity knows no strength.”

Laurie De Seguirant

“The heart that overcomes no adversity knows no strength.” – Laurie De Seguirant

Welcome friend,

If this is your first introduction to Luv’n Liv’n make yourself at home and enjoy! You’ll soon find, as thousands around the world are finding, Luv’n Liv’n is the single most powerful and positive enterprise focusing upon physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing!

My story is one of overcoming adversity. Six months after establishing Luv’n Liv’n I experienced a massive heart attack. Lying on the operating table I heard my cardiologist express his regrets to my wife. There was nothing more he could do. She would have to begin making arrangements.

It was sobering. Just three weeks earlier I’d witnessed my father pass into glory; now I was being pronounced dead.

Friend, wherever you are in life, it isn’t over! Whatever you are going through – keep going through it; there is a brighter side awaiting!

By God’s grace I was able to utter the word, “Doctor!” I fought every fear, every pain, every sense of foreboding doom and asked, “what are we going to do?”

He told me there was nothing he could do. My heart was too far gone. Every protocol they knew of would kill me in the process.


All I was hearing was what could not be done. Friend, what you can’t do doesn’t matter; WHAT CAN YOU DO? And that is precisely the question I asked my cardiologist. He said he was the best there is on the west coast at stents.

Eight hours later I awoke in Cardiac ICU with eight stents implanted into my heart. The heart that overcomes no adversity knows no strength. I vowed then and there that Luv’n Liv’n would stand for unbridled positivity, unshackled possibility and unlimited purpose. Luv’n Liv’n would stand with every down-trodden individual, every individual feeling left behind, every unfortunate soul whose future appeared to be growing dim. Luv’n Liv’n would be a light in darkness and a partner through pain.

I am a medical miracle. I’ll own that – but I am only a miracle because of God’s grace and purpose. God’s purpose in my life is sharing Luv’n Liv’n with you – and my heart is overflowing with gratefulness that we have found each other!

There will be many additions to our site as the weeks, months and years pass. I look forward to taking this journey together!

God bless, Laurie De Seguirant, Founder, CEO NASM, NESTA Master Trainer, CPT, CES, SFS, GFS, GXS, FNS

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