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Daily Reading

Revelation 1-3

Daily Thought

Jim was a high school senior, a nice kid who decided to ask the most popular girl in the school to Prom. He wasn’t sure, however, she knew who he was. Undeterred, he picked up the phone, “Hi Shari, this is Jim.” It was silent for a moment. “I sit behind you in History.” She remembered. “Would you like to go to Senior Prom?” Silence. “With me?” he added. More silence. Then, finally, “Sure, why not.” The most popular girl said she would go.

But that wasn’t good enough, and Jim knew it. “I’m sorry Shari,” Jim insisted, “‘Sure, why not,’ won’t do. It has to be either, ‘Jim, I want nothing more than to be your date to Senior Prom,’ or ‘Jim, you’re the last person on earth I’d want to be seen with.’”

Jesus said to the church at Laodicea, “Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth” (Revelation 3:15-16). “Sure, why not,” won’t do.

It was silent again. A longer silence. And then, “Jim, I want nothing more than to be your date to Senior Prom.” They had a fabulous evening.

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” ~John 10:10

Jesus is standing at the door of our heart, knocking, and think about how we respond. In the first place, he’s not some nice kid, he is “the Alpha and the Omega, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty” (Revelation 1:8). “Sure, why not,” won’t do. But open the door and let him in, all in, and it is time for a banquet.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.” ~Revelation 3:20

Daily Prayer

Jesus, since You are all in for me, ought not I be all in for You! You are worth my everything and more. All that I have is from You and for You.

Forgive me for and protect me from my half-hearted efforts. I want You to be with me in everything in my life, and I want everything in my life to point to You and give You pleasure. You are my God, Lord, and Savior. And my friend. I want nothing more than to be with You.


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Laurie De Seguirant is a nationally certified Master Trainer. His certifications include, Senior Fitness Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Golf Fitness Specialist, Group Fitness Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. He has received national certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association. He has invested thousands of hours in one-on-one personal training with seniors and special needs populations and is currently the Corrective Exercise Specialist at Blackhawk Country Club in Danville, California.

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